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We would like to get your thoughts and ideas on the shortlist of three options so we can take your views into account in deciding which options to take to the next stage of detailed assessment later this year. Please take a moment to answer the following questions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has seriously disrupted public transport systems and the way they are being used. We recognise that many people are not currently travelling in the same way that they did before the pandemic and may choose to travel differently in the future, even when all restrictions have eased. For the purposes of this questionnaire, please think back to your experience before March 2020.
The privacy and security of the Personal Data collected from you is a priority to the C2E Partnership and their consultants (SNC-Lavalin (Atkins) & Jacobs). It is also important to us that you understand how we handle this data.

Participatr Limited is providing this online survey service to the C2E Partnership and their consultants in order to facilitate a public consultation regarding the Abbey Wood to Ebbsfleet Connectivity Study. The C2E Partnership and their consultants (SNC-Lavalin (Atkins) & Jacobs) are the 'Controller' of this data and Participatr Limited is the 'Processor'.

The data we collect and that are provided to us is necessary to provide us with insight from the public regarding the Abbey Wood to Ebbsfleet Connectivity Study.

This data is stored securely on a private server owned and operated solely by Participatr Limited, located in the UK. Participant and feedback data will be available to the project team using the appropriate levels of encryption - all personal data will be redacted to reduce the risk of data breaches as far as possible.

If you have any questions about how this data is processed or about your rights please contact hello@abbeywood2ebbsfleet.com.
Section A - Personal details
How are you responding to this consultation?
Are you responding to this consultation as an individual, or on behalf of an organisation, group or club?Please tick one only

Organisation details: If you are representing an organisation, group or club, please provide the following details:
Organisation name
Web address
Your role
Please describe how the views of members were gathered:

Section B - Transport Challenges
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the strategic objectives identified for improving transport connectivity in the study Corridor?For reference the strategic objectives are:
  • Support ambitious and sustainable housing growth
  • Support employment growth, intensification, and productivity
  • Deliver an uplift in the quality and capacity of public transport
  • Support climate change and zero carbon goals targets and environmentally sustainable growth
  • Improve connectivity from the Corridor to key strategic international gateways
  • Affordability

Of the strategic objectives presented, which are most importantPlease select up to three options

Do you have any additional comments to make about the strategic objectives for the scheme?For example, do you think there are other objectives that should be considered for a major transport scheme?
What do you think are the main transport challenges for you and other people living and working in the study area?Please select all that apply

If 'other', please state:
What do you think are the most important factors we should be considering when deciding on the best solutions?Please select up to three options

If 'other things we should consider', please state:

Section C - About the presented options

Bearing in mind that the Elizabeth line will be in place, which of the presented options do you think best meets each of the objectives for the scheme as described in the consultation materials?
Having considered the benefits and delivery and impact profiles of each of the options presented, please indicate your level of support for each of the options?
Please provide any additional information or views on the options that have been presented to you?
Did you send a response to the previous AW2E consultation (held in March 2021)?

Section D - Travel habits
Currently, what is your preferred mode of transport?

If 'other', please state:
What are the main purposes of the journey(s) you make by public transport?Please select all that apply

If 'other', please state:
When using public transport, where is your primary destination (most often)?

If 'Kent' or 'other', please specify:
How might your travel habits change with the expected introduction of the Elizabeth Line service to Abbey Wood (i.e. from 2022)?

If your mode of travel will change in another way, please specify:e.g. from bus to train
How will your travel habits subsequently change with the introduction of your preferred option?

If your mode of travel will change in another way, please specify:e.g. from bus to train

Section E - Equality
C2E Partnership is committed to the principle that all our customers have the right to equality and fairness in the way they are treated and in the services that they receive. We would like to ask you some questions to help us understand who is responding. Responses will not be attributed to individuals, and all questions are optional.


What is your age?

Do you consider yourself to have a disability or long-term health condition?Please select one option

If yes, please tick one or more of the following boxes

Please specify your ethnicityPlease select one option

If 'other ethnic group', please state:
Please specify your religion

What best describes your gender?

Do you consider yourself to be trans?

What best describes your sexual orientation?

Do you have caring responsibilities (i.e. are you the primary/ secondary caregiver to a child or children, other dependants including disabled, elderly or sick adults?)

If Yes: Who do you care for?

What is your occupational status?

Your postcode (e.g. DA4 7)
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